Hospital furniture supply

Waleeta Medical provides top-quality hospital furniture.Our focus on excellence guarantees durable craftsmanship and tailored solutions for your needs. Whether it’s for patient comfort or medical equipment storage, we deliver reliable furniture that elevates your healthcare space. Choose Waleeta Medical for superior hospital furniture

Electric hospital bed

Electric hospital beds offer enhanced patient comfort, mobility, and caregiver convenience. With adjustable height, backrest, and leg elevation, they cater to diverse patient needs. Safety features like side rails and brakes ensure patient security. Integration with medical systems enables remote monitoring, optimizing patient care.

Manual hospital bed

Manual hospital beds provide basic functionality for patient care. Adjustable backrest and leg elevation options offer some comfort customization. They are simple to operate and cost-effective, suitable for facilities with budget constraints.

Operating table

Surgical tables are specialized platforms designed for patient positioning during surgical procedures. They offer precise adjustments for optimal surgical access and patient comfort. Compatibility with imaging equipment facilitates intraoperative imaging. Safety features ensure patient stability and minimize the risk of complications during surgery.

Operating light

Surgical lights provide focused illumination for surgical procedures, ensuring clear visibility of the operating field. LED technology offers bright, shadow-free lighting with minimal heat emission. Adjustable intensity and color temperature settings cater to different surgical requirements.

Transport stretcher

Transport stretchers facilitate safe and efficient patient transfer within medical facilities. They feature sturdy construction, adjustable height, and ergonomic handles for caregiver comfort. Foldable sides enhance versatility, allowing easy patient transfer

Emergency cart

Emergency crash carts provide essential medical supplies and equipment for rapid response to medical emergencies. Organized compartments store medications, defibrillators, airway management tools, and other critical items. Mobile design with lockable wheels ensures quick access and easy maneuverability in emergency situations.

Other hospital furniture products

Hospital furniture encompasses a wide range of products including bedside tables, medical carts, patient chairs, waiting room benches, and medical cabinets. Each serves a specific function in providing comfort, convenience, and support for patients, caregivers, and medical staff in healthcare facilities.

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