A302 Various medical electric hospital beds

The electric hospital bed features adjustable height and position to enhance patient comfort and facilitate medical care. It includes a central locking system for added safety and stability. The bed is constructed from high-quality ABS material, known for its durability, strength, and impact resistance. This ensures the bed remains reliable and long-lasting in demanding medical environments. Additionally, the ABS material is easy to clean and maintain, contributing to a hygienic healthcare setting. The electric controls provide convenience and ease of use for both patients and caregivers.

Suitable for various medical ward hospital beds

Electric hospital beds are essential in modern healthcare settings, providing adjustable positions for patient comfort and care efficiency. They facilitate ease of mobility, enhance patient safety, and support medical staff in delivering precise treatments and procedures.

  • Bed board: galvanized cold-rolled steel one-time impact briquetting, the surface is smooth without welding marks. 
  • Height adjustment: the bed with lifting adjustment accessory, 5 mm cold rolled steel plate impact briquetting.
  • Bed frame: galvanized cold-rolled steel pipe by robot 360° completely smooth welding.
  • Electrical engine, insulated & protected from fluids.
  • The patient needs manpower to move up and down the operating table, which is labor intensive and unsafe, our hospital bed could meet the nursing demands for patients.
  • Reduce the incidence of cross infection, nursing workers can transfer patients without direct contact with them to protect their health.
  • All parts are anti-corrosive, resistant to hospital-grade disinfectant products.
  • ABS virgin material, environment friendly and healthy for patients care.

Product Specifications




2200×1050×450/750mm (L*W*H)

Maximum safe load




Angle of back lifting


Angle of leg lifting


Optional Accessory

IV pole
Hospital bedside cabinet
Dining tableMattress(thickness 6 cm, 8 cm,10 cm )
Aluminum alloy guardrail

Why choose our electric hospital beds?

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Products tailored to your needs

One of our unique competitive advantages lies in our product manufacturing capabilities. We leverage advanced technology and a skilled workforce to produce high-quality electric hospital beds that meet stringent industry standards. Our manufacturing process is optimized for efficiency and precision, ensuring each product delivers exceptional performance and reliability. By maintaining strict quality control and continuously innovating, we provide products that stand out in the market for their durability, functionality, and value.

Hospital electric bed application

Hospital beds play a crucial role in providing care for patients in hospitals. They are used for various medical purposes, including post-surgery recovery, acute illness management, palliative care, and long-term rehabilitation. Hospital beds are equipped with adjustable features to ensure patient comfort and safety, such as adjustable height, backrest, and side rails. Additionally, they often include mechanisms for monitoring vital signs and administering medical treatments. Overall, hospital beds are essential for facilitating effective medical care and promoting patient well-being during their hospital stay.


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